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Welcome to the official Wilson House website. It was envisioned by Ozzie L. who went to live with the Lord in 2005. Ozzie hoped for this wonderful retreat for people in recovery.

The Wilson House is the Birthplace of Bill W., the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. This charming Vermont country hotel was revitalized through the unwavering dedication and efforts of Ozzie, Bonnie, and many volunteers. Following Ozzie's visionary guidance, restoration began in October of 1987. Much initial work was directed toward halting the years of deterioration resulting from neglect. Restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the Wilson House are constant on-going endeavors. In November of 1995, the Wilson House was added to the National Register of Historic Places. This designation protects the House for generations to come.

The Wilson House has been lovingly restored and is being maintained as a living memorial to Bill W., as a place of sanctuary where people can come to give thanks to God for their new lives. If you would like to help The Wilson House please visit our Donations page. Or if you would like to volunteer at the Wilson House please download our Volunteer Application. Also feel free to read our Guide to Giving

The Wilson House is located in East Dorset, Vermont, about a mile from the cemetery where Bill and his wife, Lois, are buried. The House which is the largest building in town, opened in 1852 as a hotel. Restoration began in October of 1987 with much initial work just to stabilize and preserve the building. The House is in a non-profit foundation and much of the money needed to operate it comes from individual donations. We have no endowments or large grants. Restoration and maintenance of the Wilson House continue...with the purpose being to put the House back the way it was found.

There are fourteen guest rooms and a small apartment available for overnight guests. The peaceful, quiet spirit of The Wilson House is conducive to prayer, meditation, reading or just “being”. In the spring, summer and fall months – sitting on Bill’s front porch is a real treat. Relax and enjoy yourself with old friends and make new friends. Local groups hold several AA and Al-Anon meetings in the House each week with the exception of Wednesday and Thursday. Please call (802)-362-5524 or e-mail at wilsonhouse_532@comcast.net to obtain a list of meetings and/or seminars & retreats. Please call to make a reservation or for other information. If we are unable to answer your call immediately, please leave your name, telephone number and a message. All mail must be addressed to The Wilson House, PO Box 46, East Dorset, VT 05253. To find us on your GPS, our physical address is: 378 Village Street, East Dorset, VT 05253.