Bill Wilson described humility as, “the clear recognition of what and who we really are, followed by a sincere attempt to be what we can be.” It is through this vision that The Wilson House continues to evolve and grow, always striving toward progress. In 2018, we will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our founding as a nonprofit organization, dedicated as a living memorial to Bill, and to carrying his spiritual mission to the next generation.

Donations from friends like you, account for more than 25% of our total income each year. Your generosity helps The Wilson House bring Bill’s story, and his message of recovery to those in our community.

Each year The Wilson House welcomes 10,000 guests to East Dorset, the staff makes more than 3,000 beds for our overnight guests, we serve 150,000 cups of coffee, host approximately 45 educational seminars, and serves 5,200 people at our Friday Night Suppers. Your donation helps us accomplish all this, and more.

Please be as generous as you can, and donate today!

The Wilson House is a 501(c) (3) not for profit corporation. For more information, or questions please contact Lindsey Harty, Director of Development at (802) 362-5524 or