Mission Statement

The Wilson House of East Dorset, as an active member of the community, strives to responsibly maintain the historic birthplace, memory, spirit, and purpose of Bill Wilson, a co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. As a nonprofit charitable organization, we provide facilities, primarily for the benefit and use of members of Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon and related 12 Step organizations, and their families, to pursue educational, spiritual, and emotional recovery and growth.

Vision Statement

We will maintain a warm, accepting environment for recovering people and their loved ones to enjoy, food, lodging, educational and spiritual retreats, 12 Step meetings and fellowship, along with the simple joy of experiencing the atmosphere that influenced Bill Wilson’s journey in life.

We will accomplish this by creating and maintaining an involved Board of Directors and a solid management structure, with the intention of functioning based on the principles espoused by AA’s Steps, Traditions and Concepts; incorporating sound management practices.

As a Board, we need to maintain responsible financial and administrative practices, including planning for capital improvements, future growth, funding maintenance projects and providing resources to ensure the long range viability of the Wilson House.

Values Statement

We, as Board members, Management, employees and volunteers of The Wilson House must act with honesty, integrity and compassion in all our dealings as representatives of the organization. The Wilson House promotes a working environment that values spirituality, respect and responsibility in upholding our trustworthiness.

Berta Maginniss, Executive Director
Lindsey Harty, Director of Development

Board of Directors
Fred Shields, Pennsylvania, President
Tom Connelly, New York, Treasurer
Susan Kleiner, New Jersey, Secretary
Greg Edwards, Washington, D.C.
Greg Hain, Connecticut
Shawn Harrington, Vermont
Michael Kasevich, Missouri
Liz Miller, Vermont
Elise Redmond, Vermont
Victoria Silsby, Vermont
Gay Thimm, Vermont


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