When: April 14-16, 2023

Recovery – Unity – Service: The Evolution of Our Three Legacies


  • The Four Founding Moments of AA (John B – Assoc. Archivist, Area 44 Northern NJ)
  • Writing Two Chapters of the Big Book (William Schaberg – Author, Writing the Big Book: The Creation of AA)
  • Our Experience Has Taught Us: A History of the Twelve Traditions (Jackie B – Recovery Plays of Jackie B)
  • Establishing Our 3rd Legacy of Service (Jeff B – Panel 69, Area 44 Northern NJ Past Delegate)

PLUS, stories from the historic homes of our founders:

  • The Wilson House (Shawn H)
  • Dr. Bob’s Home (Alan R)
  • Stepping Stones (Sharon W)

Join us virtually at $35, or here at The Wilson House for the weekend at $130.

Lodging at The Wilson House is separate – book online now.