When: Friday 5pm - Sunday noon

Relationship Matters & Emotional Sobriety

A weekend retreat at The Wilson House, with Allen Berger, Ph.D., author of 12 Essential Insights for Emotional Sobriety

The heart of emotional sobriety is the development of a consciousness that will create emotional freedom. It transcends an attitude of “I am OK if things go my way” to an attitude of freedom that is rooted in the concept “I am OK even if things don’t go my way.”

Achieving this level of emotional maturity is not easy. Bill Wilson realized that emotional sobriety requires that we develop a curiosity when we become upset or disturbed. He encouraged us to understand the meaning of our emotional disturbances in hopes that we could identify our basic flaws.

All of us have experienced disillusionment, heartbreak, and disappointment in our relationships. We have also experienced the joy and happiness from a healthy connection regardless of how short-lived it may have been. There is no greater challenge than what we face in a relationship with someone we care about. Relationships grow people, they are people growers. We will inevitably run into trouble. Trouble doesn’t mean something is wrong it means that something more is needed.

This workshop with Dr. Berger will explore how to use our emotional disturbances to identify our unhealthy dependencies and unenforceable rules. The goal of this workshop is to develop a robust understanding of what it takes to have a healthy relationship. You will take away several important concepts that will help you develop the best attitude towards relationships and how to use trouble to forge a better relationship and greater intimacy.


Please note: there are limited accommodations available at The Wilson House. After registering for the retreat, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a promo code to book a room. If you have questions, please call Merryl 8am-2pm Thursday through Monday at (802) 362-5524. There are many motels and inns nearby.

Registration includes all programming (Friday evening through Sunday at noon), three home-cooked meals on Saturday, refreshments throughout the weekend, bagels on Sunday morning, and a $20 facility fee. Friday night supper is available for a $20 suggested donation, please call (802) 362-5524 to reserve your spot, or email with your first name and the number of people in your party.