Mission Statement

The Wilson House of East Dorset and Griffith Library maintain the spirit, memory, and purpose of Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, at his historic birthplace and childhood home.

Vision Statement

Our purpose is to foster a welcoming home, providing facilities for people in recovery to pursue spiritual growth, education and development.

Values Statement

Honesty, Integrity and Gratitude.

Berta Maginniss, Executive Director
Lindsey Harty, Director of Development

Board of Directors
Susan Kleiner, New Jersey, President
Elise Redmond, Vermont, Vice President
Tom Connelly, New York, Treasurer
Gordon S. Calder
Sean Condon
Greg Hain, Connecticut
Michael Kasevich, Missouri
Liz Miller, Vermont
Fred Shields, Pennsylvania


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At East Dorset Birthplace Of AA’s Founder, Alcoholics In Recovery Volunteer Their Time, Vermont Public Radio