To be the destination for people in recovery.


At the heart of this organization lies a set of core values that serve as the guiding principles for everything we do. Along with our mission and vision, the following values not only define who we are as an organization but also inspire and guide us as we work towards our shared vision of a better future.


We are stewards who are committed to preserving the history and legacy of Bill Wilson, Lois Wilson, and the “Vermont connection.”   Our stewardship includes caring for the buildings and conserving important documents and artifacts that reflect the spirit and roots of our 12-step recovery. We honor the legacy of The Wilson House founders by responsibly managing all of our resources to ensure the health and well-being of the organization for generations to come.


We host sober suppers, retreats, workshops, seminars and meetings.  We foster fellowship by providing comfortable, welcoming and affirming meeting and dining space for people in recovery. We also collaborate with our greater community, with an open-mind toward the benefit of  inter-connectedness for the individual, group, and greater community.

Deep connections

We honor the power of human connection and belonging as the foundation of recovery.  The Wilson House experience provides space and time for people to connect authentically through transformative conversations that nurture our relationships, our spiritual selves, and our recovery. Connection allows us to tap into the collective wisdom of those who have walked similar paths.

Celebrations & Joy

We are not a glum lot. Our warm hospitality empowers individuals in recovery to rediscover the joy of living fully in the moment. We cultivate a supportive community where spirits are uplifted, resilience is celebrated, and individuals are inspired as they trudge the road of happy destiny.


We believe that recovery is a gift to be cherished, nurtured, and shared. By honoring the past, we serve our fellowship so that present and future generations can appreciate the humble beginnings of Bill Wilson, a man who would change the lives of millions. We are caretakers of each visitor’s experience so that they might leave here with a renewed sense of gratitude.


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