Seminar Fees are only refundable until 14 days prior to the program. All refunds are subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee.


Golf Ball Drop


On Wednesday, May 22nd at 1:30 pm we drop up to 200 numbered golf balls from a lift at Dorset Field Club. If your ball is first to land in or closest to the hole, you win. Watch the balls drop live on our Facebook page (@TheWilsonHouse). 

Each numbered ball is $100 each. Only 200 balls available. 

QUESTIONS? Call (802) 362-5524 or email

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5th Annual Wilson House Cup

At the Dorset Field Club, 132 Church Street, Dorset, VT

Registration is closed! Thank you!

Join us Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 for a special day of golf to benefit The Wilson House.  The Dorset Field Club, opened in 1886, is the oldest continuously operated golf course in the United States. What started as an informal vacation retreat has now become a multi-generational center of activity for the surrounding communities.

7:30 — Arrival, registration, & continental breakfast
8:30 — Shotgun start
12:30 — Lunch & awards


Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in sponsorship?

Use the form below to sign up to be a TEE SPONSOR for a $100 donation. For additional sponsorship opportunities, contact Kimberly Norman, Executive Director of The Wilson House, at (802) 362-5524 or email

Click here to download the “Sponsorship Opportunities” PDF.


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Bill W. Day

Come join us for an afternoon of fellowship, experience, strength and hope, featuring speaker Richie D. from the Spiritual Awakening group in Flushing, NY

Memorial Service 1 pm

East Dorset Cemetery, final resting place of Bill & Lois Wilson

Saturday Afternoon Speaker Meeting 2 pm

Churchyard adjacent to Griffith Library and Wilson House


Presented by the Village Street Group of Alcoholics Anonymous, with support from The Wilson House, 378 Village Street, East Dorset, VT 05253

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Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

Learn how to set boundaries that serve to both protect AND connect.

Our boundaries are based on our personal values and needs and they give us the space to express who we are as individuals and what is most important to us. Boundaries also provide personal guidelines for communicating clearly what is acceptable and unacceptable to us in our interactions with others. Healthy boundaries can help us to feel emotionally and physically safe, supported and respected. These boundaries that we set are a way of holding yourself accountable for creating the life you desire.

What to expect:

  • Interactive workshops to learn about healthy boundaries and steps to begin to set boundaries starting today!
  • You will learn practical tools to take home with you.
  • Time to journal with prompts to gain clarity.
  • The opportunity to connect with other people in recovery/impacted by addiction to share and learn together.
  • Gentle beginner yoga and breathing practices to learn ways to befriend your body and tap into your inner pharmacy for healing and stress reduction.
  • Guided meditation and Qi gong outdoors to partner with nature as our guide to learn ways to stay grounded and embody the five elements of nature as part of our healing path.

About the Facilitator

Catherine “Cat” Capowski works to provide an integrative healing space to support people on their journey towards finding their unique life’s purpose. Cat describes herself as a perpetual student of life who has been able to step into her truth , her joy and her Dharma (purpose) which is to encourage and support others to find their purpose as well. Her story and journey of recovery from addiction has been shaped by the powerful catalyst and practices of yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong as well as self-study and growth through coaching and therapy.

Cat has been working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the past 3 decades with a wide range of individuals, groups and family systems. Her own practice of yoga, Qi Gong, meditation and breath work has deeply influenced how she lives and how she works with others. These mind-body practices have been essential to her in her own long term recovery from addiction. Cat has been integrating mind-body practices into her clinical social work and life coaching for many years and helps others to utilize coherent breathing, gentle yoga and Qi gong to help regulate their nervous system and develop powerful tools for stress management.

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Once in a Lifetime Workshop

Alcoholics Anonymous book comes alive with Ray J.
7 Fridays starting June 28, 2024

Doors & Zoom open at 8pm ET / 5 pm PT
Workshop 8:30-9:30 ET / 5:30-6:30pm PT

In person: 45940 Portola Avenue, Palm Desert, CA

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 859 8635 3096
Passcode: blackprint
Ray J.
Throughout his 46 years of sobriety and recovery, Ray J. has remained committed to a comprehensive study of this book. His dedication has led to his profound approach and articulation, which he’ll pass on during these seven 1-hour workshops, followed by a session of questions & answers.

For further information, please contact Jimmy S. at (818) 970-3556

THIS IS A FREE WORKSHOP – any donations/contributions will benefit The Wilson House.



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Walking the 12 Steps

All are welcome for a weekend of sharing their experience, strength, and hope focused on AA’s 12 steps.

Whether new to sobriety, returning, or practicing these principles in all your affairs, this weekend is an opportunity for self-discovery and renewal, while enjoying the tranquility of Bill W.’s birthplace at the historic, charming Wilson House hotel in Southern Vermont.

June 28th-30th ✧ Friday 5pm-Sunday noon

$175 includes five meals, refreshments, and all group sessions throughout the retreat.

Lodging is separate.

There is limited space at The Wilson House. Rooms vary in price: $95/$130/$150/$250. To inquire about a room, please call Merryl at (802) 362-5524

Reserved lean-to campsites at the nearby Emerald Lake State Park are $80 for the weekend. We have also reserved the airbnb across the street; prices vary. To inquire about the park or the house, please email Kim at

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Annual Women’s Retreat: Tools for the Trip

Please join us for a weekend of fellowship, conversation and reflection as we share our “tools for the trip” with each other. This retreat, designed for and by women in AA, will explore how we get and stay sober — and how we carry the message forward as we embrace the joy of living. Through speaker panels and small group discussions, fun breaks, shared meals and down time, we will expand our connections, build our Fellowship and celebrate our sobriety.


Retreat registration is $150 per person and includes registration, materials and meals on Saturday. Please also note that you can make an additional donation to go toward scholarships to help other women attend. Many thanks.

Lodging at The Wilson House is separate – book online now. IMPORTANT: Rooms have been blocked out for this event. To access them, you must register for the retreat first and follow the instructions (with a promotional code) in your email confirmation.

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Prayer & Meditation Retreat

Prayer & Meditation Retreat - August 17 & 18
Join your fellows at The Wilson House for a weekend retreat with Jim K. of Hawaii and friends!

The program will help us to learn and practice:

  • prayers commonly used in our way of life
  • meditations for our spiritual fitness

August 17-18, 2024

The $170 retreat fee includes attendance at the retreat, all meals on Saturday, and continental breakfast on Sunday morning.

Please note: lodging is separate

The funds raised will support the mission of The Wilson House, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the birthplace of Bill W., author of the Twelve Steps.

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Yoga & Recovery

Yoga and 12 Step recoveries are interconnected to each other in many beautiful ways.* These overlapping concepts and tools are healing and life-affirming. In this weekend retreat, we will explore the intersections that serve to repair the mind, body, and spirit.          

Come enjoy a weekend filled with overlapping practices and tools to deepen your joy of recovery with the blissfulness of yoga. Led by LisaMary D. McGrail, CYT 500, with other guest instructors.

We will be practicing different styles of yoga, all levels are welcome. Bring your yoga mat and your Big Book! 


*The connections between yoga and 12-step recovery programs are profound and multifaceted, rooted in their shared emphasis on holistic healing and spiritual growth. Both disciplines recognize the importance of self-awareness, acceptance, and mindfulness in the journey towards recovery. Yoga offers physical practices, such as asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathwork), that cultivate body-mind integration and promote inner balance—qualities essential for individuals navigating the challenges of addiction recovery. Similarly, the 12-step approach provides a structured framework for individuals to address addiction, offering spiritual principles, fellowship, and support. Many find that the meditative aspects of yoga complement the spiritual foundation of 12-step programs, fostering a deeper connection to oneself and a higher power. Through regular practice, individuals in recovery often discover increased resilience, emotional regulation, and a greater sense of purpose, illuminating the powerful synergy between yoga and the journey of recovery, moving closer to wholeness and balance.

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Into the Mystic: Two Way Prayer

God’s Talking, so how come I’m not hearing anything?

This weekend retreat will include a survey of East and West Meditation, with particular focus on the Oxford Group: TWO WAY PRAYER.

Together, we will review the methods of Fr. Keating (Centering Prayer), Joel Goldsmith (Infinite Way), Pema Chodren (Mindfulness), and Tara Brach (Rain Meditation), among others.


Led by Kevin Barry Heany with special guests.

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