Marble Attitude of Gratitude Paperweight

    The hamlet of East Dorset sits in the shadow of Mount Aeolus, the “marble mountain” whose slopes have been quarried since

    In the mid-late 1800’s, at the height of marble production in this area of Vermont, there were 29 documented commercial quarries. Local marble mills processed marble into everything from gravestones to entire buildings and national monuments along with stepping stones and pavers for sidewalks like those at The Wilson House.

    In recent years, the marble that lined the streets and walkways of East Dorset has fallen into disrepair. This included the sidewalk at The Wilson House built in 1852 shortly after railroad service was first established. In the summer of 2017/2018, The Wilson House of East Dorset in partnership with the Town of Dorset and The Dorset Marble Preservation Association began the process of replacing the sidewalks in front and on the side of The Wilson House.

    The Wilson House is now offering the historic marble from the original sidewalk to fund the continuous work of preserving The Wilson House of East Dorset for generations to come.

    Limited Edition one of a kind marble paperweight with brass plate, cut from the original marble sidewalk installed at The Wilson House in 1880. This historic marble was walked on by Bill W. and countless other grateful visitors and guests that have come to The Wilson House. These are perfect gifts for anniversaries or other occasions.

    You may choose from three plates – “Attitude of Gratitude,” “Do the footwork… with Bill W!,” “Walk the steps… with Bill W!”, or “Serenity”

    Sizes are approximately 3 inches by 4 inches. Paperweights come with a Certificate Authenticity.

    All marble is on a first come first served basis as inventory permits.


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