If you are interested in joining our team of wonderful volunteers we would love to hear from you. An application form and some general information are available for viewing and/or downloading via the link entitled “Volunteer Application”. This is an awesome opportunity to give back and pass on a good deed to others.


  • At least one year of continuous sobriety
  • The ability to put in a day’s work with various types of activities
  • The ability to work alone and also as a team member
  • The willingness to share your talents and to learn new tasks
  • While volunteering at The Wilson House we ask that you keep in mind the tenets of the AA program to put “principles before personalities”. It is in the best interest of the house that we all work as a team. If you are unable or unwilling to work with others or take direction from an experienced volunteer then maybe this is not for you. The goal of volunteering at The Wilson House is to provide a spiritual stress free experience for all those at the house e.g. guests, visitors, volunteers, and staff. Please give this some thought and consideration before applying. Thank you.

The Wilson House has an ongoing need for volunteers, especially in the areas of general housekeeping, dining room and, during winter months, snow shoveling and other cold weather related tasks! If you can give two weeks that would be terrific. If you can only give one week – that would be good too. We are also in need of people for general cleaning, special projects, and helping with serving and clean up in the kitchen and outdoor work. If you have been a volunteer in the past and would like to join us again, please give us a call and ask to update your volunteer information. Volunteers are the life blood of The Wilson House. We need you to keep things running smoothly and we appreciate your kindness and caring. See our Volunteer Application on this website. For additional information or to request a paper version of the application to be mailed to you, call us at 802-362-5524 and ask to speak with our Volunteer Coordinator.

At times even dedicated volunteers may have to cancel a commitment. Please consider being on our “On Call List”. The more people we have on the list, the better chance we have to fill in the staff. This can be crucial during busy event weekends and seminars.

There is no better experience in personal and spiritual growth than to give to others. You will enjoy a comfortable room, great food and the company of other program people.

Mail completed application to the Wilson House:

The Wilson House
ATTN: Volunteer Coordinator
P.O. Box 46
East Dorset, VT 05253

Download Application