When: Friday 5pm - Sunday noon

Healthy Boundaries in Recovery

Learn how to set boundaries that serve to both protect AND connect.

Our boundaries are based on our personal values and needs and they give us the space to express who we are as individuals and what is most important to us. Boundaries also provide personal guidelines for communicating clearly what is acceptable and unacceptable to us in our interactions with others. Healthy boundaries can help us to feel emotionally and physically safe, supported and respected. These boundaries that we set are a way of holding yourself accountable for creating the life you desire.

What to expect:

  • Interactive workshops to learn about healthy boundaries and steps to begin to set boundaries starting today!
  • You will learn practical tools to take home with you.
  • Time to journal with prompts to gain clarity.
  • The opportunity to connect with other people in recovery/impacted by addiction to share and learn together.
  • Gentle beginner yoga and breathing practices to learn ways to befriend your body and tap into your inner pharmacy for healing and stress reduction.
  • Guided meditation and Qi gong outdoors to partner with nature as our guide to learn ways to stay grounded and embody the five elements of nature as part of our healing path.

About the Facilitator

Catherine “Cat” Capowski works to provide an integrative healing space to support people on their journey towards finding their unique life’s purpose. Cat describes herself as a perpetual student of life who has been able to step into her truth , her joy and her Dharma (purpose) which is to encourage and support others to find their purpose as well. Her story and journey of recovery from addiction has been shaped by the powerful catalyst and practices of yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong as well as self-study and growth through coaching and therapy.

Cat has been working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the past 3 decades with a wide range of individuals, groups and family systems. Her own practice of yoga, Qi Gong, meditation and breath work has deeply influenced how she lives and how she works with others. These mind-body practices have been essential to her in her own long term recovery from addiction. Cat has been integrating mind-body practices into her clinical social work and life coaching for many years and helps others to utilize coherent breathing, gentle yoga and Qi gong to help regulate their nervous system and develop powerful tools for stress management.