Welcome to The Wilson House, a place deeply rooted in history and dedicated to the principles of recovery, renewal, and community. Our staff and volunteers work to ensure your visit is comfortable and filled with moments of reflection and connection. If there’s anything you need or if you wish to learn more about the history and mission of The Wilson House, please feel free to reach out.

Board of Directors

Susan Kleiner, New Jersey, Chair
Elise Redmond, Vermont, Vice Chair
Sean Condon, Massachusetts, Treasurer
Connor May, New York, Secretary
Kevin Bohan, Connecticut
Gordon Calder, Florida
Phil Conlon, Vermont
Greg Hain, Connecticut
Michael Hemmer, New York
Marty Hersam, Vermont
Lorraine Hogan, New York
Liz Miller, Vermont
Elizabeth Sudler, Florida


Kimberly Norman, Executive Director
Merryl Hazelton, Reservations & Retreats Manager
Helen Steele, Interim Innkeeper
Shannon Arell, Cook & Guest Services
Janet Podzaline, Guest Services
Brandy Reynolds, Volunteer Coordinator
Andrea Kaplan, Chair of the Golf Tournament