When: Friday 5pm - Sunday noon

Yoga and 12 Step recoveries are interconnected to each other in many beautiful ways.* These overlapping concepts and tools are healing and life-affirming. In this weekend retreat, we will explore the intersections that serve to repair the mind, body, and spirit.          

Come enjoy a weekend filled with overlapping practices and tools to deepen your joy of recovery with the blissfulness of yoga. Led by LisaMary D. McGrail, CYT 500, with other guest instructors.

We will be practicing different styles of yoga, all levels are welcome. Bring your yoga mat and your Big Book! 


*The connections between yoga and 12-step recovery programs are profound and multifaceted, rooted in their shared emphasis on holistic healing and spiritual growth. Both disciplines recognize the importance of self-awareness, acceptance, and mindfulness in the journey towards recovery. Yoga offers physical practices, such as asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathwork), that cultivate body-mind integration and promote inner balance—qualities essential for individuals navigating the challenges of addiction recovery. Similarly, the 12-step approach provides a structured framework for individuals to address addiction, offering spiritual principles, fellowship, and support. Many find that the meditative aspects of yoga complement the spiritual foundation of 12-step programs, fostering a deeper connection to oneself and a higher power. Through regular practice, individuals in recovery often discover increased resilience, emotional regulation, and a greater sense of purpose, illuminating the powerful synergy between yoga and the journey of recovery, moving closer to wholeness and balance.