Serendipity … the only word that can capture my meeting with Peter Huntoon on a summer afternoon next to the Vermont Railway tracks which run in front of The Wilson House in East Dorset.

    The Griffith Library was closing for the day when I saw a gentleman getting out of his car. I supposed he was planning a visit to the house and we had just closed. After finishing my tasks, I pulled up next to his car only to find an easel and artist working on a plein air painting of The Wilson House.

    It was Peter Huntoon the well-known ”A Day in Vermont” Vermont artist. Peter told me that over the years many had suggested he paint The Wilson House and he was finally getting to it. Now The Wilson House is graced with the fruits of his labor — a breathtakingly beautiful painting! Moreover, you too can have a signed/numbered copy of the painting to grace your home.

    A true lasting memory of your “Welcome Home” visit to the house and a reminder to come back soon.